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We are currently hiring Dance instructors! Please send your resume to


Where children come with a smile and leave with a smile!

dance classes san jose
Dance classes throughout san jose for children 18 months and up

Dance Force Kids teaches dance to thousands of children every year. We offer dance classes, camps, and special events. We have over 40 years experience and we have multiple locations throughout the bay area.


If your a parent looking for a dance class or if you would like to offer our program at your location, give us a call or email us today we would love to help you.

Why Choose Dance Force Kids?

We are not just a dance class! We focus on each childs learning skills and create an environment for them to practice listening skills, respect, team building, music and rythm, basic balance and coordination. If a child can't learn the way we teach, then we will strive to teach in whatever way the child learns, creating successful and excited students!

-Quality classes at affordable prices


-Locations convenient for you


-We offer a large variety of classes


-Classes for ages starting at 1.5 yrs.

-Offers onsite programs at schools in the Bay Area


-Music and curriculum developed to be age appropriate.


-Focused on key child development skills

Our students enjoying their ballet and tap class
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